Understanding Evaporative Cooling Repairs And System

If you want to replace your cooling system and are unsure whether you should go with an Evaporative cooling system or traditional cooling system, then you are on the right page. Here we have explained the Evaporative cooling system in depth and compared it with the traditional one to understand why Evaporative cooling is far better. Evaporative cooling is not just environment-friendly and healthy; it is also easy to maintain, and Evaporative cooling repairs are much cheaper. Right from the correct operation of pump to fan, there are multiple requirements that are important to carry out the repairing of an evaporative cooling system. 

Evaporative Cooling: 

It is a naturally occurring process that allows the continuous flow of fresh air in the house or office. This cooling system is being used for many years, and these coolers were called swamp coolers. In early days these coolers used to release a high level of moisture but with the new technology the release least moisture content. Inspecting and fixing the entire ductwork also becomes important in any connection that you might need to have for your cooling system.

Working of Evaporative Cooling:  

Adiabatic process is used in an evaporative cooling system. In this process, air temperature is lowered with the help of latent heat gain. For example, fountains used in the vegetation to keep them cool, pour water on the floor to absorb the heat, or keep clay pots filled with water in the rooms to keep them cool are some of the direct evaporative techniques. But these techniques work only in a dry climate. In indirect cooling techniques, the air is cooled without increasing water vapour content. This also varies if you have a residential cooling system or a commercial one.  These devices can be expensive and require complex maintenance and will need evaporative cooling repair from time to time.

Components of Evaporative Cooling system:   

These systems comprise of 

  • Intake chamber
  • Filters
  • Supply fan
  • Direct or indirect-contact heat exchanger
  • Exhaust fan
  • Water sprays
  • Re-circulating water pump
  • Water sump

Evaporative cooling repairs and maintenance is a must for these parts.  

Evaporative vs. Traditional Cooling 

The purpose of both traditional and evaporative cooling is the same; they are meant to keep us fresh in hot summer days. But both the systems have different properties, working, and benefits. 

  • Evaporative cooling systems need the fresh air from outside to be circulated, and it keeps the quality of indoor air at its best. In contrast, central air conditioners work best in the airtight environment to make the indoor air unhealthy. 
  • Evaporative cooling system is environment friendly, whereas central air conditioning is responsible for global warming. It also makes use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment in case they are released into the atmosphere. The process of the evaporative system is natural and makes use of water only. 
  • You can go for preventive maintenance and servicing after every six months or one year to ensure that there is a steady flow of cool air. 
  • Traditional cooling will make your skin dry and irritate your eyes; in the long run, it is responsible for bone pains and skin cancers, whereas evaporative cooling is excellent from skin and health. 
  • If we talk about the cost, the evaporative cooling is much cheaper and requires no installation costs.  Evaporative cooling repairs cost is also much more affordable than the traditional ones. 

To keep your Evaporative cooling in the best shape, you must hire a reputed  Evaporative cooling repairs in your area and allow him to service your system every three to six months. This will help you keep your cooling system well maintained.