Why Is It Important To Transcribe The Interview

It is necessary to understand that transcribing interviews is quite a time taking process. But audio transcription helps in keeping a written record that might help in the future. Therefore, it is always the best idea to opt for transcribing the interviews since it helps in keeping a record of the interview.

Helps to keep a written record

It is necessary to understand that any written document of a well-researched interview helps in providing a better option for effective analysing, data sharing as well as storing data. Also, it is quite obvious that compared to the storing of audio, it is best to store the text format as it consumes less memory.

Also, interview transcription makes everything easy, especially when it comes to sharing with participants, outside auditors as well as the researchers. If you notice, then you will understand that the written formats of interviews help in providing the objective look, especially at the interview questions as well as the responses.

Helps in saving time

Taking an interview after doing complete research is extremely lengthy and therefore, you should always make out the time as well as the opportunity for saving time without compromising on the desired results. But, if you opt for interview transcription, which is properly typed will make things easy for you to find out the facts easily. Doing this, you will be able to easily avoid the hassle of playing either the video or the audio.

Finding out the part from the huge audio or the video file is quite tough. Due to this reason, it is always best to transcribe the audio file to a written format. Once you record the interview for transcribing later, you do not have to take the notes with your hand.

Provides with accurate research

If you take an interview and transcribe it, then it will not have to depend on having good handwriting. In case, you have the written format of the interview you will not have to worry about the fact that what kind of questions you asked. Opting for the written transcription helps in quoting the interviewee properly.

Having proper records helps in giving almost a specific outlook. Interview transcription helps in noticing different kinds of information gaps so that you can do follow-up research easily. Accurate research is very important when it comes to doing interview transcription.

Hence, these are some of the reasons behind the transcribing of the interviews since it helps a great deal in preserving the necessary records.