Bitcoins: Everything You Want To Know

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency. The coins are traded in a peer-to-peer technology and are not controlled by a central agency or bank. The prices of Bitcoin are highly volatile and are different to track due to the absence of a single exchange. 


Bitcoin was the first decentralized crypto currency. The sought after currency has a very high value because of the limited supply of Bitcoins. There are only 21,000,000 total minable coins at present. Trading in Bitcoins is not regulated by a single market exchange or central bank. There are a number of exchanges that trade in Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. 

Quick Tips to Check Today’s Bitcoin Price and Make Huge Profits at Right Time

Ideally, before getting started it is very important to know and get an idea what exactly a Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. On 18 August 2008, the creator Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a differently new idea of money transfer, thus introducing the world to bitcoin: a peer-to-peer digital currency. To make it more clear bitcoin allows a person to send money to anyone in the world directly. Thus it allows the payment done without a third party involvement, like let’s say, banks or any outlets like PayPal etc. the cryptography used is secure to such great extent that the funds are protected and secured hence can only be accessible by the authorized person.

The advantage is that it helps in announcing any new updates, in improving the brand name, expanding public knowledge and many more. but the main benefits is that the press release team continuously work on the updates and other related work and thus the main institution doesn’t have to worry about the news, updates or even advertisements of any form. Bitcoin press release also work in the same manner but exclusively covering bitcoin related news. For example the latest updates that is coming up from the bitcoin press is the launch date of Lavenir, one of the leading bitcoin price check and cryptocurrency platform.

Trading in bitcoins is exciting and rewarding

Careful trading combined with technical analysis and trend following allows the traders to make educated bets and make huge profits. Bitcoin trading is not regulated by a central exchange or bank and hence it is difficult to track the price of bitcoin in different exchanges. Traders should select a reputed and reliable exchange to avoid being duped and achieve good returns on their investment.