Designing Is Passion

Any type of designing is a passion; it can be logo designing, website designing, pattern designing, embroidery designing. Designing can be manual or can be machine made but in both cases there needs to be some passion in it otherwise it will not come out right.

Why do I say that designing is passion? I say this because it is a creative work. It is not just use of tools or machines. It involves your creativity and imagination which will come out in its true form only if you are passionate about your work.

The most famous artists or designers are the ones who love their work and have a passion for it. Any artwork will become a master piece only if the person making it will input love into it. Each piece may not become a world famous master piece but for its creator each piece of his work is his master piece because that is result of his creativity, hard work and toil.

Designing is not just use of tools or machine but it is an extension of a person thoughts and vision. Even while doing for others one has to keep their thoughts and expectations in mind. A creative person can give images to other person thoughts and vision. I have seen from my personal experience that is also good at doing it in their own personal way. Like I said above all types of designing is an art be it web, paper, embroidery or any other.

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