Top Four Things To Do Before Painting A Living Room

Splashing a fresh coat of paint is considered the best way to spice up a living room. Isn’t it fascinating that in just a couple of hours, you are able to make a space look entirely different? That too with colors and not expensive furniture!

Although paint is surely an easy and affordable fix, it does call for a substantial amount of effort, especially if your living room is incredibly large and you have to work on remote corners such as beneath the staircase.

Before you start, please make sure you have implemented the below-mentioned preparatory steps with maximum diligence. These assure the best possible outcomes under all circumstances.

Choose the Color

The professionals enhancing home interiors said choosing paint colors can be a challenging endeavor. There are just so many choices that you cannot, unfortunately, narrow it down to one! Should you go for dark or light? Muted or bright? What kind of finishing you want to opt for? Are any details such as stencils, stripes, molding, etc., mandatory? 

A large number of individuals find such decisions overwhelming. The key is to contemplate enough. Investing in something randomly will only lead to undesirable outcomes, and to fix those will be outright tedious, time-consuming, and cost a lot of money.

Test the Color

If you love a paint color, test it prior to committing.  At times, the way a shade appears on the paint chip or in a photograph is quite different than the way it actually looks on the walls of your home. The chief reason is lighting. Some rooms get abundant natural light, while many others rely on artificial fixtures.

The best way to resolve such a situation is trying three shades – the one you want the most, a shade darker, and a shade lighter. Most of the shops sell sample jars. Paint small patches of the wall in different corners to see how they look during the different times of the day.

Remove the Items

When painting the living room, it is necessary to remove all the items or at least most of them. It may be tempting to put everything in the middle of the room, but you will find yourself tripping over them.

If you cannot remove the larger pieces of furniture, do cover them in drop cloths. While the paint splatters can be scraped off of laminate, hardwood, or tile floors, it is practically impossible to get them out of a carpet.

Prime the Walls

Prime the walls as it ensures a smooth finish. Walls absorb paints within a short period. If you do not prime the walls first, you have to apply multiple coats to acquire the appearance you want. If there is already a different color on the walls, you may have to apply more than six coats to hide it.

Priming successfully eliminates the majority of these problems and promises a visually appealing finished product. The primer you purchase must be durable as well as capable of protecting the walls from erosion, cracks, and mildew.

If the steps specified above seem a tad confusing, do seek third-party assistance without hesitation. Several top-notch interior designers & decorators are out there to provide you with valuable advice.

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  1. Before painting your living room Choose wisely your paint colours. You’ll want to decide on the overall colour scheme for the room before you start painting. Prepare the room for painting. This means moving all of the furniture out of the way and covering any surfaces that you don’t want to paint.Prime the walls. This step is important in order to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Paint the walls. Thanks for sharing such a great post with us.

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