What Is MOT Test And What All It Entails?

You might have come across the term recently and may have ignored believing it to be some other abbreviation or scientific term. However, if you are a citizen of the UK and a vehicle owner or even planning to buy a car should know the basic laws and regulations associated with transport owning and using. We have elaborated the topic beneath for your better understanding. Take a look!

MOT Test

MOT refers to the Ministry of Transport. MOT test Harrow is a standard test in the UK that every other car owner with a vehicle that is three years old needs to take. The test is very vital for everyone driving cars on the roads of the UK since it is meant to take into account the quality and worthiness of an automobile to be driven.

Why Is It Important?

The MOT Test is extremely vital since it takes into account the welfare of all the citizens. The test is meant to check the quality and condition of the vehicle that anyone drives on the road. If you own a car and it has been three years since you bought it fresh, it’s high time you consider getting an MOT test done. It helps the authority determine if your car meets the standards that reflect road and environmental wellbeing.

If you are using a car without an MOT test Harrow, you can anytime get yourself a legal warrant issued since it is considered an illegal activity. Also, in case you own a test certificate but one that’s expired can nullify the validity of your car insurance.

The certificate also determines the tax class of your car. That is, what kind of tax your vehicle and you as an individual falls under. If you are a person with a certain disability, you can request a free road tax with the help of an MOT Test certificate.

What Happens In The Test And How Long Does It Take?

The test is meant to check major parts of your car including:

  • Fuel System
  • Seatbelts & Seats
  • Windows & Doors
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Body
  • Exhaust emission & System
  • Horns
  • Registration plate

And more.

The test generally finishes within an hour. If any issue is detected and a discussion regarding its rectification etc. is needed, the time can increase.

What Ensures If You Fail The Test?

If any single or more major part is found out to be faulty, you can fail the test. The failure simply means the inefficiency or unworthiness of the car. You should be advised to solve the issue asap and prepare for the retest in case you want your car to be used again.

Overall, you must prepare well or shall we say prepare your car before it appears for the test.