Tips In Handling Online Negative Comments About Your Brand

Negative opinions and comments about your products, services, or the overall experience with your company can be the death of your brand. It is never a good feeling to receive such negative reviews. However, you should work with it to change and improve to deliver the best for your customers. Yes, bad feedback stings, but remember that you are not alone. Other companies receive them too. It is just a matter of how to handle them correctly.

Remember, It’s All in the Past

No matter how thick-skinned and tough you are, it still hurts to read negative reviews about the products and services that you offer. But always keep in mind that it’s not about you. Nothing is personal in these situations. It’s about your customer’s experience and that is already in the past. You cannot change that anymore. But instead, you can influence what happens to the next customers in line.

Learn to Acknowledge It

You can never be too proud if you know that this customer is not satisfied with the products or services that you offer. Be sure to learn how to acknowledge it promptly. Accept the fact that there are some things that you need to change or improve. Avoid making excuses because it will only make the situation so much worse.

Respond Promptly and Appropriately

Never be too bitter to the customer who left you a negative comment. Even if it’s a bad review, you should know how to respond correctly. If the comment was left on a public platform, respond appropriately. Act on it right away and see what you can do to mend it. Your lack of response can be viewed as an attempt to just ignore the issue. That negative comment will damage so much more if you just leave it hanging. 

And aside from acknowledging it publicly, you should also try to get in touch with the customer privately. Doing so gives the impression that you are truly committed to providing customer satisfaction which most customers appreciate. If you cannot do it on your own, hire experts from your trusted digital marketing company to manage your online reputation. 

Always Do A Follow-Up 

If you are aware that the negative feedback was caused by your products and services, then ensure that you fix the issue right away. And once that is done, invite the customer to try your product and service again. Of course, this will not be easy but no first impression lasts. Pacify them by giving an incentive or a discount for their future purchase. 

Ask To Remove Or Edit Feedback

Once you are 100% sure that you have fixed the issue, you can politely ask the customer to remove or edit their negative feedback with her positive reaction on how you fixed the problem she encountered. Many customers do not fully understand the impact of a single negative comment about a brand. But if you ask politely, there is no doubt that they will share their experiences on how prompt you acted upon the issue.

Receiving negative feedback happens. You can never control that but you surely have ways to improve the overall experience of your customer. These comments should never bring you down as long as you know how to respond to it.