Marketing Made Easy: Why A Printed Bag May Benefit Your Business

It’s pretty self-evident that printed bags can be used to promote your business: clearly, anyone carrying your bag with your name on it is going to be a walking advertisement for what you have to offer. Raising brand awareness through enhancing visibility is just one of the many ways in which a printed bag can benefit your business. From providing a powerful tool for achieving marketing success through to improving communication with your customers, promoting consumer engagement and showcasing the key messages you want to send out, printed bags have enormous potential. Read on to discover why printed bags could mean far more for you and your customers than simply a method of transporting goods!

Transform your marketing with printed bags

If you use printed bags, when was the last time you had the design updated? If you don’t, why not? Not only are printed bags extremely practical, but they can also be used to inform your customers in a variety of ways. Remember that it’s not just the text on the bag which sends out messages: your logo, choice of graphics, font and colour scheme will all give an impression of who you are and what you’re about. When it comes to the text, why simply settle for your corporate logo and a slogan? Not only is a printed bag the ideal location for your contact details, but it also offers a great opportunity to let your customers and prospective customers know about any upcoming events, promotions, fresh products or other news they need to be aware of. Why not use printed bags to showcase seasonal offerings or provide customers with a money-off voucher for their next purchase?
Encourage customer participation

Research shows that encouraging your customers to interact with your brand can be effective in improving loyalty. Whether you ask your customers to take a selfie holding your printed bag and upload it to your site, or incorporate a QR code onto your bag that enables customers to gain an additional benefit by uploading it, a printed bag has a wealth of possibilities when it comes to starting and retaining a dialogue with your customers.

Bridge the gap between the virtual and digital world

Use your bags to invite customers to find you online or on social media. With customers often starting part of their sales journey online, before continuing it in real life, or vice versa, the information on your bag can act as a conduit between the two.

Printed bags are cost-effective, easy to use, safe and green!

In addition to the longer-term benefits printed bags can bring, in practical terms, they are the perfect receptacle for carrying a wide variety of products. Not only can they be a cheap packing alternative (bags can cost less than a penny each), if paper bags are used, they are also a green alternative. From high-end retail establishments through to takeaways, a printed bag is a deceptively simple addition to the customer experience that can have a significant number of advantages.

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