How Guard Monitoring System Enhances The Security And Performance Of Guards?

The most important asset for a security guarding company is its guards. They perform patrolling and inspect buildings, premises, properties, etc. against the threats like theft, fire, etc. They have to provide their services 24*7*365 with full professional behavior. Moreover, the guard should be competent in responding to any situation and threat effectively. Whenever he senses any mishappening, he has to instantly report it to his supervisor. Reporting any inappropriate event to the supervisor would take a lot f time and hence it would be difficult to prevent any mishappening. Therefore, the need for an automated or electronic reporting system for effective monitoring and reporting arises. A security guard monitoring system is an effective tool that provides immediate monitoring and reporting with accurate data. 

What is a security guard monitoring system?

A security guard monitoring system helps in effective reporting and preventing of any mishappening. Guards can send immediate alerts and warnings to the supervisor and colleagues using their smart devices. The supervisor can also track the guard patrolling at any time and from anywhere. It also helps in recording the time logs of security guards at particular locations during their rounds. It is an excellent tool to enhance operational efficiency and increase the quality of services offered. It helps the security supervisors perform various jobs such as quickly schedule duties, live monitoring of the guards, viewing reports in real-time, etc. It offers various other features like:

  • Establishing the guard route and checkpoints inside and outside the premises incorporating all the risky areas.
  • All these checkpoints are geo-tagged. Therefore, it ensures that the guard covers each point and sends an alert when any point is missed.
  • Clients can also access all the reports about the guard route and checkpoints inside their premises.

Benefits of a security guard monitoring system

  • Reporting in Real-Time- This system is beneficial at the time of occurrence of mishappenings or incidents. Guards can immediately upload the reports, or any important information and the supervisors or clients need not wait for long. The guards can also inform about the situation through the audio notes, videos, or radio. It helps in taking prompt decisions and quick actions to prevent mishappening and avoiding unnecessary delays. It can be a life savior for the clients in many situations. 
  • Improving employee performance: An effective security patrol system will help in recognizing the top-performing and underperforming guards and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. It would become easier to enhance their performance by giving rewards or providing required training as and when required. Electronic timekeeping, GPS tracking, geo-tagged checkpoints ensure enhanced performance and productivity of the guards. It would further help in generating profits for the company.
  • Guard Accountability: One of the significant advantages of a security guard monitoring system is that it will increase the responsibility of the guards. Patrol tracking software can send electronic alerts if the guard fails to check-in within the given period. 

A security guard monitoring system assists most security guard related processes. It is beneficial in improving the operations and providing high-quality services.