Five Home Cleaning Items You Couldn’t Live Without

Keeping a house clean and tidy is a continuous chore. Unless you live on your own and are hardly ever there, then it is likely that things get left out, messed up and, if you have kids, turned upside down on a regular basis. There are however a number of household essentials that at least make this manageable.


Every house should have a decent broom. A broom can reach many places that even the highest spec vacuum can’t. And what’s more, it can’t break down. This is one piece of low tech floor cleaning equipment that can always be relied on. Sweeping a floor, particularly a kitchen floor before you get stuck in with a mop will truly give you the best results.

Dust pan and brush

On a similar theme, but no less important is the dustpan and brush. Great for those little jobs such as cleaning up crumbs where the vacuum is not needed but you still need something to make the area clean. You can even find them with long handles if you have difficulties in bending down.


A mop and bucket is the next essential. More and more people are opting for hardwood floors and the majority have lino and/or tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. The best way to keep these clean is by using hot water, suitable detergent and a mop and bucket. There are a number of different mops on the market and the type of mop head or mop system you prefer will be down to personal preference. Old school mops have the shaggy head and for these you will need a specific bucket with a lip onto which you squeeze out the water. Other systems include a sponge head and a handle which will squeeze out excess water for you, great for surfaces that need scrubbing.


A good kitchen bin is worth its weight in gold. Even if you recycle much of your household waste, you will, as a matter of course, produce some waste each day which you need to throw out. Rubbish is a messy business and having somewhere stylish yet functional to stow it is essential. It is all too easy to take your kitchen bin for granted, until you haven’t got one that is. Choose something that matches your kitchen, that will fit under a kitchen cupboard but most of all, choose one that is easy to clean!

Dish Drying Racks

A good quality dish drying rack can make all of the difference when it comes to keeping your kitchen look tidy. If you aren’t in the fortunate position of having a dishwasher, making sure you can organise your dishes, mugs, glasses and cutlery once they are washed will ensure your kitchen has some organisation.

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