Blackout Roller Blinds: A New Addition In Home Decor

In this highly modern era, people wish to make their home decor unique and beautiful. A home can be made perfect for living through unique interiors along with well-furnished and attractive doors and windows. Blackout roller blinds is one sort of a solution to those who wish to block the natural light interference inside their homes and offices. With tight woven fabric, they act as a complete barrier to light and to an extent noise as well. During winters the heat inside the room is prevented from escaping out through blackout roller blinds and thus helps in saving electricity bill. The room inside remain warmer for longer time. There is wide range of such roller blinds in the market.

How do they work

  • Beaded chain is one of the basic steps.
  • When beaded chain is pulled the fabric completely sways onto roller hose.
  • Unlike curtain, the roller blinds fabric does not hang on any side of the room window.
  • For maneuvering the roller blinds, two options are available remote control and motorized technique.

There are hundreds of shades along with exclusive style available for blackout roller blinds.

Various available options:

  1. Corporate shades
  2. Plain shade
  3. Printed design
  4. Solid colors
  5. Stripped
  6. Textured
  7. Clear selection

Material used:

The material used for the blinds need to be of high quality. Its performance mainly depends upon the material used for its manufacturing. In the market there is wide range of roller blinds available. You can choose it as per your budget. From low to extremely high price blinds are sold online as well as on retail shops.

The blackout fabric helps to stop sunlight due to which you can enjoy extra comfort. The premium 3-pass blackout material is effective and does not fray. Blackout material is also use in curtain linings. It can be both cut and sown or can be attached using a Velcro.

Blackout fabric offers perfect privacy. However, some light will pass through the sides of a roller blind with a blackout fabric. You need to use a side channel system fitted with light controlling seals and brushes.


  • It is completely moisture resistant. As no moisture can be absorbed in it, there are no chances of bacterial or fungus growth unlike curtains.
  • It is flame retardant. It does not catch fire in case there is fire.
  • It is waterproof as water completely slips from its surface in few seconds.
  • It works as solar controller. It prevents the solar radiation from entering inside the room and keeps the room dark and specific as required.
  • At many places, it is used as thermal energy saver. It helps in maintaining the temperature of the room. Thus, there is no requirement of heating devices to keep the home warm during winter season.
  • Clear selection is one such feature, which entails it user to see clearly outside the window.

Measuring instructions for roller blinds:

There is a requirement of measuring tape for exact measurement of the blinds. It helps in determination of the exact price along with finished goods of the required quantity. For roller blinds, the measurement has to be specific one as it will be three centimeters narrower than any other type of blinds, which are available in the market. To fix the blind perfectly on the window, the side should be measured accurately. Once the dimension of the side are measured the blind can be fitted all along with the help of brackets and chain.

This blog has covered all the important information about blackout roller blinds, if you are still looking for more information then click here.