In Depth Knowledge About Donation Of Sperm

Sperm banks are a blessing for childless couples where the women are not able to conceive owing to lack of potency in their husband’s sperm. However, it is not only the childless couples who are benefiting from sperm banks. Single women who desire to enjoy the feeling of motherhood are also taking help of sperm banks. Some sperm banks have come up in Navi Mumbai to cater to this growing demand. If you are also searching for one, then you need to search only among the sperm donation bank in Navi Mumbai. Most of them tend to have an age criteria as it is recommended that to donate sperm you should be in the age group of 18 to 40 years, whereas in certain cases the cap has been reduced.

It is a huge responsibility

Sperm banks have a huge responsibility. Women who visit these banks must have failed all other methods of conceiving. Sperm banks are their last hope. These women select sperm samples based on the details about the donor given by the bank. Every bit of information about the donor plays a part in forming the habits, qualities, traits and looks of the offspring. Customers have to accept the details given by the bank at face value. The veracity of the details can only be gauged in future. So the trust reposed on the bank is huge. So the banks have a responsibility to live up to that trust. Good sperm banks in navi Mumbai or anywhere else have a moral obligation to live up to the expectations of would be mothers.

Medical history of donor

There is something more important about the sperm than its ingrained qualities. Medical history of the donor and his family and genetic abnormalities or diseases are the most important. These will determine whether the woman will get a diseased or a healthy offspring. So sperm banks have a huge task at hand. They must screen the donors for genetic diseases and abnormalities, get the medical history of the donor as well as his family for infectious and common diseases, and have a complete analysis of the semen.

The process of donating sperm

Once it has been certified that you are free from any form of diseases. Once this is done the next step is to donate sperm in a private room. It is suggested that you do not indulge in any form of sexual activity or intercourse before 3 days of donating sperm as then the best quality of it is to be produced which will aid the fertility system.

International benchmark in screening sperm donor

In order to ensure zero risk of passing on infected sperm to clients, the international benchmark includes a collection period and a quarantine period of around 6 months. The donor should be screened for infections even after donating sperm since infectious agents cannot be identified during their incubation period.

International standard sperm banks near you

If you are searching for such a sperm bank in Navi Mumbai India, ithas a few to offer. You may even have one close to your place of residence. The bigger and the more reputed the sperm bank is, the more are your chances of finding the right donor since they have a large collection of donors from all strata of society.

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