Pack Your Bags For An Exciting And Thrilling Trekking Trip

Nature lovers, shutterbugs and people who are crazy about trekking are really lucky if they are living in or around Bangalore. Don’t be mistaken to take this city as a concrete commercial forest. The city has so many trekking and adventurous spots on its plate. If you want to taste some change during your weekends or otherwise, you can carry out exciting yet handy trips right in your area.

For your trekking desires you need not to go all the way to different side of country when you can carry out Trekking near Bangalore too. Yes, let us find out some of the most cherished, visited and popular trekking spots near Bangalore

Karighatta Trek

You know Karnataka is considered to be one of the most prime trekking places in South India. The landscape of this state contains lush green tropical forests, Rocky Mountains, tiny hillocks, caves and flowing rivers. These combined together make for a perfect trekking destination. In case you are in Bangalore or planning a visit to this city then you should try out trekking here.

Yes, trekking is one of the finest ways of exploring the gorgeous diversities of nature. And for starting your trekking thrill you can begin with Karighatta Trek. Among the most popular trekking spots near Bangalore is Karighatta is. It is located at a distance of ninety eight kilometres from Bangalore. These hills rise 2697 feet above sea level. This trek is absolutely amazing and includes a walk beside the splendid Kaveri River.

Ramadevara Betta

This popular trekking trail in Ramnagar which is around fifty kilometres away is the ideal trail for people who love rappelling and rock climbing. For the ones who don’t really find fun and thrill in climbing, a walk up to this trail and then rolling down is a fun option.

Here once you have reached at the base, just climb the stairs around three hundred in numbers and then you reach the temple. You can then climb from there. You know the initial sixty percent of the hill goes through luxuriant jungle packed with prickly plants like lantana. Unless you are very careful the extremely sharp thorns can tear your clothes and skin. Just walk slowly and you may be able to sight the wildlife such as mongoose, hare, or an infrequent fox or wolf. All in all, the trekking here is going to be a lot of fun, adventure and thrill provided you are careful about your moves.


Anthargange is another popular adventurous travel destination for trekking. It is situated just sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. You know this Anthargange is a strange hill which is covered with a blanket of heavy forest at the base.  However, as you steps up the rocky hill the greenery gets thinner and is eventually replaced by some thorny bushes which adorn the top of the hill. Here caves of this hill are a main attraction for travellers.


Thus, when are you going to pack your bags for a thrilling and exciting trekking tour? Your options are not limited to these discussed few spots; there are many other destinations too for satisfying your fun and excitement.


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