Why Use An Accident Advice Helpline For PTSD?

If you are suffering from PTSD, or any mental disorder, then you have a few options when it comes to seeking legal advice. You could pop into your local solicitor’s office and set up a consultation for next week; you could call Citizens Advice; or, you could join the thousands of people who every month call an accident helpline that’s operated by a law firm, and get sound legal advice from a highly trained claims advisor.

Get legal advice from the comfort of your own home

Accident advice helplines have become the number one way to get legal advice following a personal injury, and they are increasingly being used by people suffering from PTSD, since such helplines can be called from the comfort of home. If your PTSD is holding you back, and you cannot face meeting an advisor in person, then calling an accident advice helpline is without any doubt the best option available to you right now.

Free legal advice and free claims advice

Another key reason that accident helplines are so popular, is that they are free to use, although you should pay attention to the phone numbers being advertised. The helpline operated by Accident Advice Helpline (click here), for example, is offered with an 0800 Freephone number, and an 0333 number for mobile phones. These numbers will not incur a charge if you call on a mobile phone or a landline in the United Kingdom. You should avoid helplines with 0843, 0833 and 0845 numbers, since these are premium rate numbers.

Get answers to all your questions

Accident helplines are staffed by claims advisors, who are highly trained to answer any claims-related questions. So, whether you want to get an estimated pay-out figure for your PTSD, or you want to know who your claim might be against, you can get answers. However, the level of answers you receive will depend on the information you provide. For example, the claims advisor will need to know how your accident happened and when it happened.

Helplines are operated without obligation

In addition to being free, accident helplines should also be offered without obligation – this means that you should be under no pressure whatsoever to take your claim forward, and you should not have to share any personal details you do not want to. Reputable helplines that are operated by law firms understand the law fully regarding this, so they will behave themselves. However, helplines that are operated my so-called claims management companies may require you to share your personal details. The reason for this, is so that they can sell your details on. So, make sure you only call helplines operated by law firms.


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