How To Take Care Of Yourself While You Are Expecting

The benefits of prenatal yoga are immense. When you pair it with a cardiovascular exercise it works out to be perfect for women to be in shape. Whether you are a new person or who is into regular practice of yoga, it will tone down your muscles and improve the circulation and balance during pregnancy. All this is being done with little impact on the joints. Prenatal yoga Gurgaon has worked wonders and pregnant women have wonderful things to say about this form of yoga.

It is also beneficial as you learn on how to breathe deeply and relax in a conscious manner. This will be helpful during the physical demands of labor, pain along with motherhood. To breathe properly is one of the first things you will learn in a yoga class and to use this technique in yoga, you need to take in air through the nose, fill your lungs and then expand your belly. Learning to do this type of yoga helps you to stay calm and composed during the stages of childbirth and labor. It also lowers down the chances of pregnancy complications and this is in reference to the pain or stress levels.

When you enroll yourself for prenatal yoga classes in Gurgaon it is not only limited to your health and physical well being. It is a great way to meet other pregnant women in the society and become part of the community. When you are in a positive space it allows you to be motivated and give you the much-needed push to get used to the demands of exercise.

Some tips

First and foremost, you need to check with your health care service provider, for you to start a yoga program or not. If you get a go ahead then get in touch with an instructor who specializes in this form of yoga. If that is not the case make sure that your instructor is aware that you are expecting. You are not bound to have any major restrictions in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. Be careful to follow some basic rules such as drinking plenty of water during and after exercise to be hydrated.

Breathe deep and in a regular manner as you stretch. If you are already used to the demands of yoga, then consider it as part of your regular routine and it will require some modifications with the passage of time. You need to listen to your body and trust what is has to tell you. If you are feeling pain or any form of discomfort ask your instructor to recommend an alternate position.

The safety angle-

As with any form of exercise you will need to take some form of precautions when you are pregnant.

You should avoid lying on your back after the first trimester. Lying on the back can put pressure on the inferior vena cava and reduce the flow of blood to the uterus. it can make your dizzy and lead to shortness of breath. To avoid this situation, you would need to use pillows when you are lying down. In other way, you can limit the time you lay on the back to one minute or roll over the side to 30 minutes between each exercise on the back.

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