Concise Guide Related To Breastfeeding For Beginners

The process of breastfeeding tends to start as soon as a kid is born. You feed the baby soon after the birth once you are ready for it. In fact, for the first few days, a cream coloured liquid known as colostrum is produced.

Some of tips in relation to breastfeeding beginners during pregnancy

  • The baby should be turned towards the mother, and their chest should be kept towards your own. The upper lip of the baby should touch your nipple. When the mouth of the baby opens makes them closer to your breast where you should hold on to it for support. Do make it a point that the mouth of the baby is covering the areola.
  • It is a difficult situation for the baby to stick on to the nipple and this is understandable. You would need to patient for a few days and do seek the opinion of a lactation consultant if the baby is not lactating at all. One is bound to experience a sense of heaviness once the process of milk production starts, but all this can be managed with a tinge of help from the doctor.
  • In the event of you having given birth to a premature infant you cannot go on to nurse them immediately. Yes, you can start pumping your breast and bottle feed the baby.
  • You would need to nurse all the more because of the milk you are producing. Ideally it is suggested that you should nurse 9 to 12 times in a day of 24 hours. One thing is for sure that the baby is satisfied and adequate nutrition is provided
  • It would take some amount of time for the mothers to be comfortable. In some cases, it is observed that moms tend to take 30 to 40 minutes before the baby goes on to start nursing. Do make it a point that the place you are nursing is cosy and quiet as you would need to spend a considerable amount of time nursing the baby.
  • There are various types of nursing positions and you would need to educate yourself in this regard
  • Breastfeeding during pregnancy beginners suggest that you can rely on the nursing pillow. It is going to make the baby comfortable and they can position themselves much better. Do keep in mind that the position is important for both the mother along with the baby. Do keep them as close as possible to your chest when you are nursing.

When to stop is a tricky situation? Be in touch with your doctor as both of you can decide when is the right time to stop breastfeeding. Sometimes women tend to breastfeed for 6 to 8 months, though some women tend to do it for a considerable longer period of time as well. The child goes on to possess the ability to ward off any form of infections but women who tend to nurse their babies for a year as it goes on to provide them with proper nutrition.

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