Robert Turner Talks About The Importance Of Going For Physical Assault Counseling

Abuse of any type can significantly impact a person’s mental health. No matter the incident took place years back or happened recently, physical assault survivors may face intense psychological effects of the incident.  Depression, low self-esteem, feeling of guilt and shame, anxiety, trust issues, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are a few conditions that might result from physical abuse. Some victims even have self-destructive behaviors, periods of intense anger, and dissociation with feelings. If these conditions go untreated, their effects can last for even years.  Hence, physical assault victims should seek counseling from professionals like Robert Turner.

Physical abuse counseling often requires the victim to dig into the most challenging parts of their life. Doing so can be extremely overwhelming, but it is also important for healing.  Once the victims get the proper tools and assistance to heal their mental wounds, they will progress in their life with a more positive mindset. It can sometimes be a cathartic experience to talk to an unbiased person about these traumatic experiences in a safe space, where the abuse survivor won’t feel judged.  Physical abuse is among the most challenging and heavy topics to discuss. There are a lot of victims to avoid their history of physical abuse in an attempt just to leave those problems behind. A lot of teens remarkably follow this approach. But blocking painful memories is not healthy as it can sometimes cause long-term damage, including amnesia.

Physical assault is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can undergo, and hence many of the victims end up repressing those events for a long time. As a result, many people do not talk about childhood physical abuse experiences until decades. But discussing it can be the first step to healing. Talking with someone like Robert Turner can help victims eventually get into a better state of mind and lead a better life.

When abuse victims opt to go for therapy or counseling, it becomes easier to start their healing process. They shall get the chance to learn and develop diverse self-care tactics and strategies that can help them throughout their daily lives. These strategies are beneficial if a victim of physical abuse feels overwhelmed about the previous incident and its related ebbs and flows of emotions. One of the most important benefits of physical abuse counseling is that it can aid people to feel better about themselves again. The experience of physical abuse often leaves survivors with a feeling of shame and guilt. Counselors can work with them to affirm positive feelings about themselves and help them to focus less on the past and a brighter, more productive future instead.