Green Energy Solutions Suggests How To Make Air Conditioners Energy Efficient

Green Energy Solutions

Saving energy is one of the basic responsibilities of every individual in any way they can. Green Energy Solutions who are dedicated to the cause of saving the planet from any further damage, suggest that there are innumerable ways in which one can contribute to a greener environment. They have more than a decade of experience and expertise in energy efficiency services.

They strongly suggest that one of the most effective ways to save energy is to use energy-efficient appliances. With the use of such appliances, one will invariably contribute towards energy conservation and reduction in the use of energy. An air conditioner is one of the most commonly used electrical appliances in every household or workspace. This privately owned organization shares with the masses how an AC can be made energy efficient.

  • Set The Temperature Correctly – To begin with Green Energy Solutions suggests that the temperature of the gadget must be set wisely. Setting the temperature too low can create an added energy loss; hence it is always best to maintain a temperature of 24 – 26 degree Celsius.
  • Install Programmable Thermostats – Air conditioners with programmable thermostats allow one to set a particular program for a specific time during the day. For example, one should set the AC temperature to a higher limit when they are away from the room. This serves as a great help in avoiding cooling unnecessarily.
  • Have Robust Insulation – It is very important to ensure that the air inside the room is contained and not allowed to escape. Having proper insulation in place allows helps the air conditioner to function optimally.
  • Ensure Zero Air Leaks – When installing an air conditioner, one must ensure that all air leaks are sealed. This again helps in optimizing the efficiency of the AC and reduction in the consumption of energy. Green Energy Solutions informs that one should pay special attention to the windows where the AC has been installed for any leaks.
  • Use Natural Ventilation – One should be smart enough to use the already cooled air inside the room by circulating it with the help of fans. This will help avoid the repeated to lower the temperature of the air conditioner. Moreover, when the outdoor temperatures are comfortable, the natural ventilation offered by the windows and fans should be used to curb unnecessary energy usage.
  • Maintain The AC Properly – It is very important to regularly service your air conditioner to maintain its functionality at its best. Servicing of the appliance is very important in this regard, at regular intervals. The coils ought to be cleaned and the refrigerant checked while conducting its annual servicing.

Hence, while these practices are maintained Green Energy Solutions instruct that to make the air conditioner energy efficient, one must also try and purchase appliances that are energy efficient. The higher the star rating on the appliance the more efficient the appliance. One should go for models that have a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) or seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). When the above things are carried simultaneously there is no way that energy will be wasted in any way.