Gene Bernshtam – What Do You Need To Design Your Own Home Gym?

With the ongoing coronavirus, a global health crisis has arisen. Exercise has taken a back seat as gyms are often closed due to the surfacing of the new variant, like the Omicron virus across the world. However, a lack of exercise brings in additional health problems. Therefore, if you value fitness and health in your life, you should set up a home gym as it is an excellent investment.

Gene Bernshtam is a property developer and business leader who loves collecting cars, traveling, scuba diving, and weight-lifting in the USA. He works with the development and commercial real estate firm named Avalon Holdings LLC and its associated entities. His company currently specializes in mixed-use and apartment building properties.

According to him, people should never neglect health and fitness just because gyms are shut due to the pandemic. You should set up your home gym after considering the following factors-

Space- Some equipment in the gym is more significant than others. They occupy more space, so measure the area first. You can get a good idea about the fixtures like dumbbell racks, power stations, squat racks, etc. They take up a lot of space and headroom. If you wish to install a punchbag, place it in a small corner of the house. Most fitness lovers prefer to keep things simple, so they buy jump boxes, mats, and minimal weights.

Budget– Setting up your gym at home is a worthwhile and valuable investment. As in the case of every investment, the investor should be eager to take out a specific sum of money for the home gym they wish to set up. Power stations and squat racks cost a considerable sum of money. Likewise, equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, and other machines come with a heavy price tag. He recommends homeowners buy the gym equipment one by one.

Routine– Setting up a gym at home is the dream for most fitness enthusiasts; however, it might not be practical, given the space and expanse it takes to set one up. It is prudent to set up the home gym based on workout preference. For instance, a person inclined towards martial arts for exercise will not require a squat rack or space for a heavy punch bag or yoga mats. The same holds for people who love to lift weights. They do not need space for yoga exercises a treadmill as they can still do cardio workouts without activities.

According to Gene Bernshtam, these key factors will help you set up your home gym without hassles at all. First, it is wise to buy quality equipment to last for a long time. Choose fitness brands known for their durability and price. Regular exercise helps you to release the feel-good hormones called endorphins. It not only keeps the fat at bay but also lifts depression. The pandemic has taken its toll on mental and physical health so setting up a home gym for fitness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!