Erik Mogensen Colorado – Staying Safe While Skiing


Ski enthusiasts love wintertime when the snow comes down like powder and covers everything. It is the time to ski down the slopes. Those who love skiing, look forward to this time. However, those who are just getting started or want to get started with skiing may feel a touch of agitation at the thought of snow-filled mountains and skis. Even though skiing is one of the most delightful sports, no one can deny that skiing exposes people to injuries as well. So, those who want to go skiing, need to get into proper training before getting up on the slopes to glide down.

Erik Mogensen Colorado On Skiing

Skiing is an adventurous sport. People love it because it sets them free. However, without a certified trainer, one should not just start skiing. Erik Mogensen Colorado is a reputed ski coach. Erik has been teaching people to ski for a long time. He has seen many accidents due to carelessness and poor ski skills. So, Erik decided to take the onus of making people aware upon himself. Here Erik gives a checklist for everyone who wants to start skiing.

Get A Coach

This is probably the most essential tip that one can give. A coach can prevent an accident from taking place. This is why – people look for coaches when they decide to start skiing. An experienced coach does not only teach ski lessons, an experienced coach builds the mindset of a skier as well. Those who want to ski need proper guidance to stay safe up on the mountain. For this reason, finding a coach is essential when one is trying to learn skiing. Also, it is important that one should find a coach with experience and credentials to teach. Such a coach will turn a ski trip into a pleasant experience.

Never Be Alone

People tend to go overboard when skiing. They start getting a little out of control. This is a rookie mistake says Erik. A pro skier will never risk getting stranded somewhere alone and injured. So, the best way to prevent getting into a troublesome situation is to take someone along. With people around to help each other, accident injuries can be taken care of easily. This is why – Erik tells everyone to go in groups when skiing down the empty slopes. Also, Erik encourages people to notify others before going somewhere.

Warm Up

People often ignore the need to warm themselves up. They just start skiing which is not right. It is because muscles need to be told that some exercises are coming. This is why – experienced coaches always opt for warmup before skiing. Erik says that skiing requires a lot of lower body part movement. For this reason, one needs to be flexible when skiing. Warm-up sessions work wonders for stiff muscles.


Staying hydrated is another essential thing to do. One needs to stay hydrated because one needs to stay fit while skiing. Erik Mogensen Colorado tells his students to carry a bottle of water while skiing. It helps in getting a few sips while skiing up on the slopes.