Could Branded Tote Bags Be The Marketing Tool Your Business Needs?

Tote Bags are often thought of nothing more than a useful accessory, a place where you can store some valuables when you pop to town, well what if we told they can also be great marketing tools. The most important part of your business is its brand and a tote bag with your company logo on it could be the key to tapping into a desired audience for your product or service. Join us as we explain how a branded tote bag could be the marketing tool that your business needs!

They Help To Increase Your Brand Awareness!

Billboards, TV adverts, ads in the newspaper, all obsolete marketing techniques that just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to growing your brand.

Tactile brand marketing items specifically tote bags are the way forward! As evidenced by recent statistics published by The Promotional Products International association.

The marketing organisation found that 88% of people remembered a company better if they received a promotional product from them and that 80% of that same sample said that they can remember the printed message on said item. Illustrating just how far a branded tote bag can go!

They Are Cost Effective!

While you can’t put a price on greater brand recognition, even if your business has quite a limited budget, a tote bag is a remarkably affordable marketing tool.

At Printed Bag Shop for example, we can produce bags for as little as 29p per individual product and you’ll benefit from quick delivery, consultations with one of our product experts and a 24 hour helpline as part of the upfront inclusive cost.

If you’d like to find more about the price of each of our best-selling bags currently available, click here to see our homepage.

They Stand The Test Of Time!

Thanks to their functionality, usability and pleasant design, branded tote bags can help your brand receive tonnes of exposure for a substantial amount of time.

With the average consumer tending to hold onto a tote bag for well over half a year and in that time any number of passers-by could have seen your business’s brand, whether it be in a shopping centre, airport or festival, a tote bag will help your business to receive prolonged publicity.

A better marketing tool than a paid billboard that will be torn and replaced after a month or two!

They Appeal To Everyone!

Another reason that printed tote bags are a great marketing tool is because that they are not limited to one specific age demographic, gender or class, everyone loves them.

Unlike ads that appear on Facebook, in magazines or on Google’s search results, every single person in the world needs something to carry their items around in, so when you use a tote bag as a marketing tool you are tapping into a diverse and disparate audience.

We hope that this has helped you to understand the value of a branded tote bag as a marketing tool and that that you use them to help promote your business in the future.   

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