Common Types Of Islamic Clothing For Women

Muslim clothing for women has certain things to follow. There is a basic standard in Islamic clothing. Women have to wear certain things that only fall under the decorum of Islamic clothing and nothing else.

When it comes to Islamic clothing for women, the most common types that one can think of are Hijabs, Shalwar Kameez, Niqabs, Abayas, Jilbabs, Burqa, Tunic Tops, Chador and full length skirts with jeggings or a pair of jeans underneath it. Before buying any of these mentioned items, one needs to know what the purposes to use them are and how to wear them. There are many modern designs and cuts available in all these pieces of clothing and one can always go for the latest trends that are in fashion. Here are some ideas of the latest fashionable trends in Islamic clothing.

 Modern Abaya Styles

Abaya as one known is a very gorgeous thing to wear and they are mostly loosely stitched with a kind of simple pattern. These dresses actually reach till the ankle and this form of dressing is very common in Arabic Muslim women. At present there have been additions to new styles and patterns in abayas and these modern styles have made this dress easy and comfortable tow wear. One can go for digitized embroidery design abayas in parties, butterfly abayas for regular dates and coffee sessions, hooded abaya for a slightly chilled weather and so on.

 Jilbab Clothing Style

This style of clothing is also very close to abaya style. But the main difference that lies between the two is that in case of jilbabs are open from the front. That is why; these are very easy to wear and people find it comfortable enough. This dress code has become a latest style trend among Islamic women as these dresses with modern designs and cuts can easily grab attention of others. Though it appears to be very stylish, it also meets the basic guides that a modest Islamic piece of clothing should follow. These dresses are mainly made from thick fabrics and they are loose enough to cover up the shape of the body.

 Muslim Hijab Styles

This keeps on evolving with modern designs and fashion statements. This one is mainly worn by the Islamic women to cover up their head and chest. There are different shapes of Hijab available like rectangle, square, plain and printed. In fact, varieties of fabric are also used to make these like chiffon, viscose, knit, georgette and satin. One has to match them with their dress and their face shapes to add elegance to their look.

 Modern Muslim Niqab

This one is a combination of head cover and a scarf. This covers the entire face of a woman and leaves the eyes open. If worn, they generally flow down till the mid back of a woman. This one is mainly worn by Muslim women who live in Asian and Arab countries. But in most cases, wearing a Niqab is not at all obligatory.

There are many other Islamic wear for ladies apart from this which one can wear.

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