Clever Questions To Ask From Your Estate Agent Before Finalising The Deal

Unarguably, residential property is once in a lifetime investment, many of us have to work our entire lifetime to conquer this feat. Besides, mind satisfaction, having own home build one’s status in the society. Moreover, home is a place, we have the freedom to live life on our own terms, and there are no strict rent contract restrictions. Furthermore, the property is an heirloom entity that is transferred from the generation to another; and in fact, this is only materialized thing, who value doesn’t dip, as it ages. This is perhaps the biggest, today, even amidst high inflation and global economic slump; we term property buying as our life’s top-most dream.

So, now you financially equipped to fulfil your life’s biggest objective of having own home for your family? Is that right? And, you have zeroed down on one option that you and your family members aligning with, plus, it is under your budget? But, before, you pay off the first token money, here, are four questions you must ask from one of the most trustworthy estate agents Hornchurch or similar others. To know these, scroll down and check out-

Why Is Seller Selling The Property?

Though it is a direct question for the seller, during the initials stages, the buyer-to-seller interaction doesn’t happen. This is the thing you can inquire from your estate agent. The motive of asking this question is to make sure there are no issues with the property or with the locality.

What Is The Resident Status Of The Seller?

Though this is a basic question, we tend to miss it. From the taxes point of it, it is of great importance to inquire the resident status of the seller at the first place. If the seller is an NRI, then you have to pay off TDI, for acquiring property from an NRI seller. So, to avoid paying off hefty taxes, ensure that the seller is a citizen of the country.

What Is The Property Appreciation In The Last Five Years?

Ask your one of the top-rated estate agents Hornchurch or others, a simple question that what has been the appreciation of the area in the last five years. Your property advisor is bound to provide you with all the information you require regarding the property trends in a specific vicinity. Furthermore, you can inquire, what will be the market trend, some years from now?

How Much Did The Seller Pay Off For The Property?

This is another vital question you must ask from your property advisor, what was the price on which the buyer acquired the property? This will not help you gain that much-needed edge for on-table negotiation; moreover, you can also obtain a rough idea what is the appreciation of the market.

At the end of it all, these four questions are worthy to ask from your estate advisor. But, above all, finding the right property agent is of paramount importance to enjoy a relaxing property buying experience.