Best Ways To De-Stress Your Home

Stress is unavoidable in life. Our work, school and environment can present many stressors that can make your daily life more difficult than it already is. However, if you can make your home into a safe, comfortable haven where you can escape your daily stressors, then you will be well on your way to bidding your stress farewell and welcoming peace and happiness in your life.

Home buyers have too much stress as well.  Anything you can do to make your home a place they can relax will increase the chances they’ll want to live there.  The Salt Fowler Real Estate Team is the top RE/MAX Vernon real estate team.  They have some suggestions on how to increase the number of offers you receive on your home for sale no matter where you live.

Here are some simple ways to de-stress your home and increase the offers you receive.  If they see you have created a sanctuary there’s a good chance they’ll want some of the peace your home provides.

Add plant oils around your home

Rose, sandalwood, lavender and vanilla are some of the most common options. You can choose to use candles or diffused oils dropped directly onto any fabric or surface of your preference. If you are worried about staining your furniture, you can drop the oil onto tissue or waste fabric and place them around your home to surround yourself in relaxing and luscious earthy scents.

Use curtains to create some quiet space

Curtains are often made using soft fabric and are often thicker and more substantial than most shades or blinds. To create a quiet space in the crazy world that is your home, try to use curtains to divide a large room into two parts or to carve a space for yourself at the corner and make that your special world away from all the clutter.

Stock your fridge and pantry

This may sound strange, but stocking your fridge and pantry with food can be extremely comforting. People actually feel much more stressed when they come home and see the pantry filled with expired food or refrigerator with absolutely nothing in it. To avoid this simple stressor, always stock up your kitchen with food and make sure to leave a space for all of your favourites.

Add earth tones to your home

If you have trouble sleeping or feel yourself becoming too uptight, try adding some neutral colours into your décor to help instill a calming air into your home. Neutral colors such as light brown, green and beige resemble the colours in nature and can help bring peace to both the mind and body. You may also wish to bring some earthy pottery, brick or stone into your home to create a more earthy tone.

Bring in messages of tranquility and happiness

Frame lovely poems in your living room or kitchen to read while you relax or cook. Also, purchase a few books that can make you feel happy and place them around your home. You can also buy a new welcome mat for your front door to greet you when you come home. Little messages, symbols and images that can remind you of peace and happiness can have a big effect on your experience of home.

Simple steps such as ones listed above can help bring peace into your life and interrupt your stress cycle to direct you into the calm you so very much crave and need. These simple tips can be very useful for staging your home for selling.

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  1. Great suggestions to enhance the basic architecture of the home. Thanks for the posting this kind of useful articles. Beautiful outdoor space is very important for your home de-stress system.

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