What Are The Chief Health And Safety Responsibilities Of Employers Towards Their Employees In UK?

Apart from growth and development of the business or any other organization in UK or even some other places worldwide, health and safety of employees is equally important for the employers. It is because the concerned business house or organization may keep on working normally only if its employees are fit and fine in all respects. That is why various consultants are there to make available health and safety advice for UK companies. These consultants or advisors aim at making the employers aware about importance of good health as well as safety of their employees. Also they facilitate them in fulfilling various norms relevant to health and safety of their employees or workers. Some of the chief responsibilities of the employers towards health and safety of their employees in UK are as follows.

Regular evaluation of possible health and safety risks– It is perhaps the foremost point that is mentioned in any clause for health and safety advice for UK companies. Any employer can prevent hazards relevant to health and safety at their workplace only if they are aware about possible risks or dangers. For this, regular evaluation of the health and safety risks by the employers is most important.

Awareness and provision of safety measures for employees- After evaluation of the various risks associated with health and safety of the employees, the employers need to make their employees aware about the same. Also they need to discuss about health and safety of all their employees and make available apt measures to ensure the same. The employees are also trained in this regard.

Provision of health and safety facilities for the employees- In order to assure good health as well as overall safety of the employees, the employers are liable to install requisite gadgets or equipments all through the organization. It may include facility of equipments for handicapped or disabled employees.

Provision of first aid facility and apt training to use the same- Sometimes, serious health hazards may be prevented with the timely and correct use of first aid tools. That is why most employers in UK are required to make available first aid box at their workplace in such a way that it is easily accessible to all the employees. At the same time, the employees must be trained how to use the first aid tools and equipments so that requisite help may be offered to the sufferer in times of emergency.

These are some of the chief and important duties of employers towards their employees as far as their health and safety is concerned. There are many more duties in the list that need to be fulfilled by the employers.