The Topmost Free Influencer Marketing Platforms In 2020

Luckily if you have a complete idea about the influencer marketing strategies then can opt for an idea take help of Free Influencer Marketing Platforms. Not everyone looking for branding and business marketing can afford agency services so can rely on these marketing tools and platforms.

Today, in this blog, we will be talking on the Best Social Media Influencers platforms, that offer limitless features to match your brand or business needs. 

The Massive Idea on Free Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2020:

  1. Famstar:

If you are looking for full-scale influencer platform, with limitless features, then use Famstar as one of the Best Social Media Influencer tools for free. The massive database of more than 3 million user profiles, with real-time content reach analyze, makes it worth an excellent way to influence your business or brand online.


With vast approach on influencer marketing, is never out of the list. It is the best marketplace way to brand business with long-term marketing strategies. The platform now inherits a big network of an influencer with more than 250,000 profiles and many other business members. 

The basic plan is sufficient and free, but even give the user a choice with other premium plans, and pro paid membership to have unlimited search, campaigns, management settings, lead sourcing etc.

  1. HypeAuditor:

Typically people use HypeAuditor platform for engaging followers on Instagram. It even gives bloggers with authentic post engaging with a number of quality likes and shares. HypeAuditor is also a reliable platform that collects raw data from many different sources and clusterized it for branding and business marketing with niche-core themes. 

You have the option to get top 1000 influencer list with niches you want to cover. It gives real-time statistics to your Instagram performance, audience quality source, followers demographics and more.

  1. Post For Rent:

To make influencer marketing easy and efficient, Post For Rent is a one-stop Free Influencer Marketing Platform. It ensures a systematic approach to balance cold business and influencer campaigns. Precisely, brands or businesses looking for top social media influencers can see the star ratings, and reviews and even can check out the profiles. 

This is complete finding, managing and briefing way to have the right influencer for your brand marketing on the web.


While scrolling for the Best Social Media Influencers platforms, never skip This is basically a Chrome plugin that brings network at your desk within excellent efficiency. You can use it to check your email recipients, LinkedIn and Facebook connections. 

It even ensures in social account updates in a sidebar section such as Google+, Klout, Angle base, FourSquare and Behance. This platform or can say plugin bring leverage meaning to your influencer marketing strategies online.

  1. Tweetdeck:

Twitters Free Influencer Marketing Platform is Tweetdeck that helps in managing all your tweets easily with no fuss. Moreover, you also set it to display for any of your Twitter timeline items, mentions, messages option, trends, favourites, search results, and hashtags. With single Tweetdeck, you can manage upto 200 Twitter accounts which is surprising. Isn’t it?

Final Verdict:If you are looking for an easy way with Free Influencer Marketing Platform, then must check out the mentioned tools. However, there are many others like Crowdfire, Full Contact, SEOquake,, Alltop, Social Crawlytics etc. But picking the right according to your business efficiency and the brand theme is major. It can be obviously confusing to check, which is the Best Social Media Influencer plugin. Still, you need to analyze and check wisely, if not hiring any influencer marketing agency to work for your branding process.