Misted Double Glazed Units And Their Solution

Double glazed units including the windows are in great demand nowadays as they facilitate unique benefits to the owners. Many a times double glazing also falls victim to certain problems, e.g. mist that affects the pieces. Misted double glazed units cause inconvenience and require proper solutions to relieve the owners. Usually a layman may not know how to deal with this problem and may think to replace the pieces at the cost of his or her hard earned money.

The following steps can be of great worth to tackle the issue without replacing the misted double glazed units:

Know the causes – Sunlight and atmospheric pressure are usually responsible for mist to occur between the small gaps in the double glazed windows. The air between the glass panes rises and expands with the sun heat that falls on them. The seals and glass are affected with the increased pressure that goes down after some time but leads to mist between the glasses. The windows facing towards the sun are much prone to this problem. The heat inside the buildings escapes and it leads to increased heating bills. Thus misted double glazed units put the owners to financial losses too. Other reasons may be poor fitting or inapt material of the units.

Solution – One can get rid of this problem in the following ways:

Silicon Gel – This problem can be managed by putting a silicon gel in the space bar between the glass panes. The water is prevented from getting converted into mist. However, with the passage of time the effect of silicon gen starts decreasing and the windows again start developing mist. Moisture gets evaporated into the air inside the double glazing and results in fog. This problem may arise and disappear depending upon the weather. The worsened conditions may affect the windows with ugly spots that spoil the appearance of the windows. Hard cleaning may also not be the answer to this condition that lies inside the windows and cannot be rectified in easy manners.
Valves – The other alternative method is installation of small valves on the exterior pane of the windows that allows them to breathe. These valves are meant to expel the moisture from the windows that start venting the water in usual manners. Clearance of the mist before installation of valves is a must. Thus, this method works wonders to keep the misted double glazed units free from fog and its ill effects.
It is recommended that experts are called to carry out the above repair work as they are qualified and experienced in this line. A layman may not be able to clear the mist and install the requisite valves for letting the moisture to get cleared from inside.
The last resort to deal with this disorder is to replace the misted double glazed units and install new pieces. This may be expensive but the worse conditions may necessitate the same. Search the internet for the prominent companies that provide their services and durable pieces related to this particular field.