Introduction And History Of Milk Thistle Tea

Let us look at this amazing get healthy lab blog: What is milk thistle tea? This will give us the idea of the product, its history and amazing health benefits that it has.

What is milk thistle tea?

Milk thistle tea is a product that is made from a naturally occurring flowering herb known as milk thistle which is a plant from the daisy family. In some books and cultures, it is also referred to as holy thistle or Mary thistle. This herb has gained a lot of popularity in the Europe, Mediterranean region and North Africa due to its amazing medicinal properties. Traditionally it has proven records for the treatment of digestive ailments and it is now widely used in natural therapies.

This herb has got its name from the milky fluid known as silymarin which is present inside this plant. This fluid acts as an antioxidant and has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifibrotic properties. This thorny shrub has decorative leaves and purple flowers and is used as a gardening plant too. The herb has been used for medicinal purposes since 2000 years in ancient Roman and Greek civilizations.

Milk thistle can cure digestive and liver ailments, snake bites, mental ailments like depression and stress, jaundice, kidney diseases, varicose veins, menstruation problems, anger management and several other diseases where detoxification of the body is required.

How to make tasty and healthy Milk thistle tea?

If you want to gain numerous health benefits of the milk thistle then the easiest way is to make milk thistle tea. You can prepare this recipe in several ways and it is super healthy and natural, so if you are looking to stay fit then do try out these recipes.

Milk thistle tea with milk extract —

  • You must boil one cup of water
  • Simply add 20 drops of milk thistle extract to this hot water and mix it
  • Your tasty milk thistle tea is ready.

Milk thistle tea with grounded seeds —

  • Boil two cups of water and then lower the flame.
  • Put some milk thistle seed powder in this water
  • Add some honey to give enhanced flavor
  • Filter it in a cup and enjoy the beverage.

Milk thistle tea with fennel and peppermint seeds —

  • Create a mixture of milk thistle seeds, peppermint and fennel seeds in equal quantity
  • boil some water and add this mixture to the boiling water
  • Let it simmer for few minutes and then filter out the tea.

Milk thistle tea with milk thistle leaves —

  • Boil some water and put finely chopped leaves of milk thistle in a cup
  • pour boiling water over the leaves
  • allow it to settle for ten minutes
  • Strain out the leaves and enjoy the tasty tea.

There are a lot more healthy recipes available for milk thistle tea on get healthy lab blog: What is milk thistle tea?

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