How To Take Care Of A 3-Week-Old Kitten Without A Mother?


Kittens are the most adorable creatures you can pet and have a companion for a lifetime. It is exciting and fun to bring a fur baby home, but it is equally challenging to take good care of them. It takes a lot of effort to raise these kids and teach them basics like eating and doing their business in the litter box. Moreover, it requires effort to make them comfortable as kittens are not very social and welcoming on the initial day.

If you have a corner for these fur creatures and are looking for Bengal kittens for sale, you first need to know how to raise them. Like human kids, kittens also need special attention and utmost care. Let us discuss some care tips that you should be aware of before becoming a cat parent.

Care Tips For Baby Kittens


You need to do a few things before bringing your fur buddy home. Get a cosy and comfortable bed for your kitten that will be its personal space. Additionally, get a separate eating bowl and a toy for your kitten so that it feels at home and has a few things of its own to feel the ownership.


Initially, you would have to feed the kitten as babies are too small to eat their food. You may need to give them milk with a feeding bottle and slowly introduce them to solid foods. Discuss a proper diet plan with the vets and prepare a chart of what your fur buddy should eat and how often. Follow this diet religiously, and you can ensure healthy growth.

Litter Box Usage

Kittens also need to be potty trained like human kids. They have their litter box where they can do their business, but it requires effort before they start using it. The first step is to get a litter box and place it where your kitten can access it. The next step is to teach your kitten to use it at the time of need. Be patient, as it is going to take a lot of time.


Whether you are looking for Bengal kittens for sale or any other breed, you need to work on infusing the socializing skills in them. Kittens are not very friendly at first. However, they get playful once they get comfortable around humans. As a parent, you should ensure that your kitten goes out to meet its fellow fur buddies and stay around humans to develop a welcoming feeling.

These are the simple care tips you need to follow to ensure the kitten you adopt grows as a loving cat. Apart from this, stay in touch with expert veterinarians and diet experts for fruitful advice. Understand that it is a huge responsibility that you should fulfil with utmost love and care. Be a good pet parent and adopt a fur buddy only if you are ready.