How Much Do Translation Services Cost In The UK?

A translator’s job is one of the most difficult jobs. It may sound all easy and convenient but trust us this is indeed effortful and time-taking work. Finding the exact meaning of a word without hampering the context of a sentence becomes excessively tough and people lose their patience here. This is why they often look for professional translation services when it comes to any kind of translation work. Now you may ask how much you have to pay to receive such a well-quality translation service. Well, that can be a valid discussion. Here we will be discussing the entire cost of hiring a professional translation service in the UK, so let’s begin.

Price Of Document Translation:-

Here is one thing you need to remember is that the price of translation service may vary from company to company. Here we are just giving you a basic estimation about the standard price of translation services UK. Generally, most companies’ standard cost of document translation is around £0.12-£15 per word. Thus to conclude, if you have a 1000 words document then the entire translation cost may lie around £120-£150.

Price Of Different Languages-

Another important thing to remember here is that the cost of such a translation service also depends on the language you select. There are some sets of languages that have higher demand but fewer translators to do the work. So in such cases, you may have to pay more than the usual rates.

Here we are listing some of these languages that are exclusive in demands and expensive in price:

  • Chinese
  • Icelandic
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Malayalam
  • Mexican

All these languages listed above are pretty expensive and there are fewer translators who can actually work on such translation work. So you could assume the price to be a bit higher if you have translation work in any of the above languages. It can cost around £0.20-£30 and more per word.

How To Know If You Are Being Charged Fairly Or Not?

We all want to receive A-class service at a reasonable price right? Although reputed translation services UK never charges their clients unfairly still here we have some tips to make sure you are being charged fairly

  • Check out the standard industry rate of translation before you sign the work contract.
  • Stay updated regarding the changes in the recent translation price.
  • Make sure to conduct a small research on the selected translation service before making the first payment.
  • Remember technical documents that contain technical terms may cost you more than the average price.
  • Look at the translators’ skills and experiences. An experienced translator may charge you a bit more than the usual rate which is pretty fair in this industry.

Hope you got all the information you were looking for. A reputed translation service is worth spending your money that we are assuring.