Hillandale Farms On The Tradition Of Hard Work

hard work

Hard work eventually pays off. It is not a mere saying. Anyone who has adhered to hard work knows this. Hillandale Farms has proved this particular point with ease. It was in 1958, Hillandale had seen the light of day. Orland Bethel, the founder of Hillandale, used to drive coal trucks. Orland changed his career and started to work for an egg production farm. This career change overwhelmed Orland so much that he decided to buy the land and start his egg production farm. In the initial stage, Hillandale used to sell eggs. They had no intention of raising chickens. However, with time their approach changed. They decided to raise chicken for chicken meat. But before taking this step, Hillandale succeeded in earning its reputation of being the best egg production farm.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – A Journey To Remember

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania has been through a lot of ups and downs. They have seen a lot in their journey to the top. Orland Bethel founded Hillandale with much hope. He had the dream of a setup where animals were taken care of. Later this approach became Hillandale’s key reputation. They succeeded in establishing a farm that takes care of its animals.

Hillandale has a unique approach. It offers cage-free life to its hens. The chickens can access life outside the cages. This is a great initiative that Hillandale has taken. The CEO of the company is confident that the legacy which Orland Bethel established years ago, will be followed with care. From a simple egg reselling farm, Hillandale has made it to the top 5 by working hard and chasing growth.

After its inception, Hillandale found its wings within a few years. It started its journey towards West Virginia. Later it established its farm in Pittsburgh. The business continued to grow because everyone put in the effort to make this farm a raving success.

Hillandale began its journey into supplying the A&P market. With hard work and effort, Hillandale succeeded in creating a reputation of being one of the best egg production companies. People slowly started to recognize Hillandale’s eggs and chicken meat. Despite their growth and increase in egg demand, Hillandale has never compromised in quality. They have succeeded in establishing their reputation of being the best in the market. With time, the management of Hillandale has added Iowa to their locations of expansion. It increased Hillandale’s brand value. Orland Bethel also incorporated grading into the company expansion policy.

Hillandale Farms Sustainability

To speak about Hillandale and not speak about sustainability is unfair. This company has a policy of following sustainability with strict determination. Hillandale started with the objective of giving back to nature. It remained the same even after so many years. Even today, everything happens following the same rules and regulations. From using solar power to applying water treatment, Hillandale has a unique way of dealing with everything.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania has earned many certificates for its amazing service to society. They not only lay high-quality eggs but also take care of the chickens.