Best Places To Visit In Bangalore For Trekking

Imagine the given scenario. You wake up early morning one day before the sun rises and decide to do something adventurous. You have no chores pending and all your work has been up to date. You have free time for yourself and you want to be spontaneous. What is the best thing you can do that will pump your adrenaline level up high?  The best answer to this situation is to pack your bags, rent a bike and go on an expedition into nature.

If you are from Bangalore, or if you want to ever visit Bangalore on a vacation, remember that it is a city located amidst many hills and mountains that have amazing views from the hilltop, organised camps, and is the perfect getaway to satisfy your adventurous soul. These hills are the go-to spot of you want to go to trekking in Bangalore. Listed below are some of the popular and lesser known hills in Bangalore that you can visit to indulge in some breath-taking views, long rides, and a perfect escapade.

  1. DevarayanaDurga Hills (DD Hills)

– 70 kms from Bangalore

Located in Tumkur district, DevrayanaDurga hills is the perfect destination if you are a nature lover. It is located at an altitude of 3940 feet and is filled with lush green landscapes and rocky terrains. If you leave around 4 am in the morning, you can reach the foothill by 5 or 5:30 just enough time to ride or climb uphill and capture the sunrise. The journey uphill is the best you will ever witness in Bangalore. There are yellow flowers blooming on either side, especially around spring season and the air gets misty and cold as you reach on top.  You can even visit a few temples that are located on top.

  1. BilikalRangaswamyBetta.

60 to 70 kms from Bangalore

This one is for the trekking enthusiasts who are prepared and geared up to climb uphill. The hills which are located towards Kanakapura, has a trail of path that begins foothills which is meant only for trekkers. It is located at a higher altitude and one can spot three other hills from the viewpoint. It is a 4kms long stretch that requires you to trek for at least forty minutes. But the trek is worth the struggle to reach on top.

  1. Skandagiri

– 61 kms from Bangalore city

Situated at an altitude of 1350 meter is a very popular option for trekking. It is also a destination that offers night trekking and camping. The scenery is breath-taking and one can also visit Nandi hills that are located very close by. There are caves and temples you can explore while you are trekking to the top. It is also very famous to offer one of the best views for sun rise. The ride along the airport road is also very exciting as the roads are very well made. The best time to visit this hill is during winter.

These are the top 3 preferences for trekking in Bangalore. So what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get on your gear as you are about to experience a powerful rush on these trips.

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