An Overview of The AccessiBe Integration For Your Business

In the post-pandemic era, online shopping has become important like never before. Businesses need to ensure that their sites are accessible to everyone on the Internet, including users with disabilities. They constitute a large percentage of the market, and if your site is not accessible to them, you will be losing a lot of sales opportunities and will be subject to hefty fines and lawsuits. 

AccessiBe is an automated and affordable tool to arrest gaps in accessibility and boost the experience of the user on your website. It is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and this is why it works silently in the background to help you comply with the laws pertaining to website accessibility. 

Besides having advanced technologies, it is affordable even for small business owners. The pricing plans start at $49 a month, and you can choose the plan that meets the needs of your business with success!

Understanding The Meaning Of Website Accessibility For Users On The Internet

As per the guidelines set out by the WCAG, there are four principles that businesses should keep in mind when it comes to web content. They are-

Perceivable- The web content should be presented to the targeted audience in such a way that it is perceived correctly.

Operable- The user should be able to operate the web content. 

Robust- Despite the evolution of technologies and other user agents, web content should be accessible to everyone.

Understandable- The user should have no problems understanding the user interface and its operations.

Besides the above, the guidelines that WCAG has laid down also state that the time and the text-based media options, the functionality of the keyboard, and its compatibility with other assistive technologies should comply with the standards that are set out. The challenge that businesses face is how to meet them without any sort of financial hardship? 

How Does This Tool Resolve The Problem?

With the aid of this AI-infused tool, the problem of compliance is resolved as soon as it is installed. The installation process just takes 5 minutes, and it has two applications that function when it comes to addressing accessibility gaps and ensuring that your website meets the compliance standards. 

The first application helps the user to choose the profile he/she wants, like the font of the content, color, contrast, and more. The second application deals with complex functions that are linked to keyboard navigation and screen readers. 

AccessiBe is the perfect tool for all businesses as it works on every browser. You just need to download this tool and forget about it. The developer team takes care of the updates, and you do not have to worry about its maintenance. In fact, if a user has not activated any of the accessibility features under this tool, there is no difference in the customer experience. The tool uses a snippet of the JavaScript of your site for functioning and never interferes with its underlying code.