A Beginners Guide To Adobe Premiere Pro Cc

Video Making in a nutshell

The entire process of video making is not easy as it seems from a bird’s eye view. Starting from capturing it on a camera to importing it and then preparing the final output of the same, the entire process is divided into a series of mini-steps that one needs to follow sequentially in order to have the best quality of video that can serve its purpose in front of the audience. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a widely used software for the same and this article details about adobe premiere pro cc tutorial and acts as a beginners’ guide for the same.

The pre-requisites

The beginning of the video editing starts with a raw video footage upon which the entire process is conducted. This footage can either be prepared by self or can be derived from the shots prepared by other people or other reliable sources. Hence Adobe Premiere Pro CC requires a video content before starting of any new project.

Preparing the workspace

Post shooting of a footage, the Premiere workspace needs to be prepared in order to start the process of video editing. From the workspaces tab, one needs to select the assembly option from where one can choose the desirable media file upon which the operation is to be done. Post this, some of the default settings need to be changed in order to ease up the entire process of editing and ensure that it gets wrapped up within the least possible amount of time. Some of these include changing the default picture length so as to reduce the cumbersome of changing every photo that one would import and changing the scale media to project size so that all of the videos and photos would get scaled down to the project size.

Starting of the project

After setting up of the workspace, one can begin the project by setting up of the footage details like camera type, frame rate and the appropriate preset to define the sequence of the system. With the desirable inputs the project would initiate and the process of video editing would begin.

Some other essential features

Following are some of the other essential features that can be used for making the videos more lucrative: –

  • Premiere Pro can take inputs of different versions of the video files and hence any format of the file, including those of still images can be easily converted into the Premiere Pro compatible ones.
  • Using the Source Monitor feature one can choose the edit points easily and choose the important frames before adding any sequence to the clips.
  • By Essential graphics option one can easily insert titles in the desirable frames and make the videos more informative.
  • The software also allows merging of external audio files to give a good background audio effect to the videos.

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