7 Reasons To Switch To An Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Alternative Service

Traditional dry cleaning has been around for a very long time and many people have been bringing their clothing and other items that cannot stand the rigours of a standard home washer and dryer to dry cleaning services on a regular basis. Overtime though, consumers have become more aware of the dangers of toxic and harmful chemicals and because of this many companies are making the switch away from chemical solvents and shifting to a healthier alternative.

As companies decide to use products that are solvent-free and biodegradable it means that dry cleaning customers now have a choice whether they want to expose themselves, their home and the environment to chemical solvents or if they would prefer to change to the safer and greener option. If this is important to you look for Kitsilano dry cleaning alternative services as a way to move toward a greener path. Here are some good reasons to make the switch if you haven’t already.

Reduce Exposure to Chemicals

Traditional dry cleaners have been using the standard dry cleaning solvent called perchloroethylene or PERC to soak your items in order to get them clean. It has been used because it is easy to deal with, works well and is relatively inexpensive however studies have shown that long term exposure can cause damage to the kidneys liver and nervous system. It also contaminates soil and groundwater if used or disposed improperly. It may also be a carcinogen.

Use of Non-Toxic Biodegradable Detergents

Eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative businesses have made the switch away from PERC and have instead opted to use products that are solvent-free, plant-based and not only healthier for you but also much better for the environment. You do not have to worry about exposure to dangerous chemicals and getting your clothing professionally cleaned with solutions that are milder than most home laundry products is a definite move in the right direction

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Consumers are becoming more aware of how we as human beings are impacting the planet in a negative way often due to chemicals polluting our waters, soil and air. When making the greener choice and switching from a traditional dry cleaner you are making a decision to help protect the environment and your community as only water and plant-based solutions are used. It is definitely the safer option and there is no risk of environmental contamination from toxic waste.

No Allergens or Irritants

Because dry cleaning services that have made the green choice no longer use harmful chemicals to clean your clothing and other items you are not being exposed to toxins that can cause allergic reactions and can be irritating to the skin. The use of mild biodegradable detergents and water means you will not have to worry about wearing something that was just given a bath in toxins.

Solvents can be bothersome to the skin and making the eco-choice creates a worry-free clean.

Nice Clean Scent

When using a traditional dry cleaning company you will often find that the smell of the chemical solution used to wash your items in still clings to them even after you pick up your order and take it out at home. With an alternative service your belongings will have a fresh clean scent without any residual chemical odour. This is a positive reminder every time you wear you professionally cleaned clothing that you have made the smarter and safer choice.

Free Home of Chemicals

It has become common knowledge that long term repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals can lead to long term health issues. Because of this many consumers are making the choice to rid their homes of as many toxins as possible from household cleaning products to laundry products. Taking your belongings to an eco-friendly dry cleaner is one more step you can take to create a chemical free home as you will not bring them in with your freshly laundered items.

It Feels Good to Go Green

We all know that chemicals and other toxins have damaged the planet and now is the time to take a step forward and make greener choices in our lives. We can all feel so much more positive when we do this because we know our decisions are no longer harming our community, the environment and the planet we will pass on to our children. Also our bodies are not coming into contact with chemicals that are bad for us. Going green really is a positive choice to make.